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This is our 50th wedding anniversary year.  With that happening, our sons have organized a family reunion in Houston Texas and spend a few days together.   It is our hope that most of the grandkids and their families can also be there.  We have greatgrandkids that we haven’t seen yet.  They are getting older and growing up without us.  SAD.  But, that is the loss of being in another country.  The fact is, we are always glad that God has given us the chance to serve Him in the Philippines, but we do miss our family.  They are all an amazing people.

Then, in September, we plan to return to the Philippines and the pastors here have determined to give my wife a wedding that she never had.  We were married, like so many other have done, with our family in a very small wedding in street clothes, with no bling.  So, our friends here have decided that Gloria deserves a beautiful, full blown, with much bling, wedding.  She is excited about that.

So, April 29 we fly to KC,  MO to  spend a time with my 92 yr. old father there. Then spend a time with my brother, also in Kansas. We havent seen either one for several years.  My Father is not in good health and is praying for God to take him home.  I can’t say I blame him.  Then, we will spend time on the highway between the 3 grandsons who will graduate and the churches that we will report to.  It will be many miles and travel from New York to Arizona.

Please pray for our safety in travel.

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This past month was another of the exciting times of our ministry.  It was the organization of the Graceland Bible Baptist Church of Floridablanca, Pampanga.  This ministry had been started and developed by Efren Banal.  A man who is not so young. He is pictured below with his pastor, Orlan Maniego and also signing the charter.  After spending much of his life working in the refrigeration repair, he gave his life to the Lord and attended Bible School.  After completion, Bro. Banal wanted to go to Taiwan as a missionary but because our degree wasn’t accepted by their government, he felt directed to starting a new mission.

Dennis EbertScripture Bible Baptist Church of Dinalupihan, Bataan, pastored by Orlan Maniego,  was the mother church of this young work.  Pastor Maniego, Dr. Ed Boniog and I were the speakers  during the organization service.  We enjoy the gratification that comes from the continued growth of the ministry that God has given us.

It was a gratifying sight to watch the group as they signed the charter of commitment of this new church.

Another New Church

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It has been several weeks now since our trip to Guiuan,  Eastern Samar.  The purpose of the trip was to take some building materials not available to them.  Also, we wanted  to see the extent of the damage in the area.  I have tried to explain to Americans the impact of this storm, by comparing the damage to a Category 4 tornado.  However, the difference would be the damaged area is much larger.  This typhoon’s extreme damage covers an area of more than 5 miles wide and extends more than 50 miles across the islands.  Surely by now, you have seen pictures in CNN or some other international news program.  Nothing can prepare you for what reality is when you are actually there.  Nothing is left undamaged and most buildings are completely destroyed.


We, 12 of us including 5 other pastors,   began our trip with the bus of Bible Baptist Temple, Pastor Primo Tabanda. It is not the most comfortable vehicle, but it was durable and carried the materials that Pastor. Tom Raguirag needed to continue to have services until they could rebuild their building that is totally gone.

We spent about 75 hours on this bus for the 6 days of our trip.  I have to admit that it isn’t  the very comfortable ride but very serviceable. Once we entered into Samar, there was no place to eat, or rest, except along side the hiway.  So it was a good thing that we had a small generator and cook stove.  Then we had our “kitchen” anywhere we were.  Gotta eat you know.


After leaving the church in Manila  and beginning our trip, we traveled about  5 hours driving with out stopping.  Eventually,  we came to the dock at the town of Matnog where we were  to take a boat called a “roll on, roll off”.  Locally they are know as RORO ships.

But the purpose of the trip was actually the area of damage in the Island of Samar.  Once in the area and while traveling through, it is impossible to describe.  Even pictures cannot .  As you see the picture below, You can see the complete damage as you look down this street in the town if Guiuan.  At the right picture is what is left of Bible Baptist Church in the town..  Actually, the only thing left is the back wall with the baptistery built into it.  The awning was a gift from the Americans for some shelter.


We are still helping these people try to get some balance in their lives.  This past week we gave our two church in that area, a mechanical hollow block maker. Hopefully that will enable them to make their own, quality hollow blocks and they can build buildings that will not be destroyed so easily.  Of course, that is going to require more money for cement, sand, gravel for the mixture.  Also,  for other simple things like Sunday School materials, song books etc.  We thank Beams Bibles of Missippi, USA because they directed us to give several hundred Bibles to the churches in these areas.

So, if there is anything you would like to do to help In this endeavor, just send it to International Baptist Missions, 4346 N. Galloway, Mesquite Tx. 75150  Make the check to my name and designate it for Samar relief.  That is the address of our home church and clearing house.  We appreciate any generous actions to help those churches to continue reaching people and discipling them for the Lord.

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Several pastors that work with us are making preparation to use a minibus and take building materials as well as money and other material, to Guiuan Eastern Samar. Then we will go to Tacloban. If you have been watching the news, you are sure to know the devastation that is there. One of the main problems is building materials and utilities. They have also lost their equipment for services.

We will be taking some roofing, a generator and other materials to rebuild the house and church to make them usable. We also have some bibles and other materials. They have lost there key board, the small amplifier and speakers in their churches also. That means we could use some help with the cost of those materials. If you would like to be involved, here is the address that you could send a check. Make it payable to me, Dennis Ebert and designate it to Relief.

International Baptist Missions
4346 N. Galloway
Mesquite, Texas 75150

Of course, any help, whatever the size, would be very much appreciated. Don’t think that you don’t have much, so your help would be too small. By the way, I would make the observation that these people are going to be in this situation for some time to come, so you could always have a part later on. This is not just an immediate need, but will be prolonged.

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We have been contactec by many, both by telephone and internet. We are encouraged to know that there are people who do care about us. Actually, we are in a place of the country that was not affected at all. Not any damage or danger for us.

However, we do have so many in the Visayas that were affected and at this time, we are waiting for communications to opened up again so we can get some information for particular people. More than what the news will report. It is bad. I mean, really bad. I am sure you have already seen the news and know that it is bad. But it is worse than the news reports could ever report. The dead and destroyed property is indescribable.

We will post again, when we know more about those churches and pastors that we have worked with.

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This past week, I did something I don’t normally do. I traveled to other countries. My work is in the Philippines. A trip to Cambodia and Vietnam however, was to be a real blessing. It was a special time of meeting missionaries that we have known and some that we haven’t known. We saw their works and the countries and cultures they must work in.

Yes, those were Filipino missionaries that we visited. I must say, I was impressed with their dedication and progress. They are the pioneers in those countries, who are setting the bar for others to come behind them. They learned well and are establishing outstanding ministries.

We returned to Manila as the typhoon (hurricane) was leaving the countrie and made one of the worst landings I have experienced. I was actually afraid a wing would hit the ground before the wheels.

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For the past 35 years, our life has been consumed with the marvelous and exciting life that God has given us in service to Him. It is what is known as MISSIONS.  After working on staff for several years in Texas and planting a church in Missouri, God made it clear that He would use us in the Philippines.  Of course, the call is a story in itself.

Having known some missionaries that we felt were great men of God, we knew how God had worked with them in their ministries and we wanted to be used of God in a fruitful way. We asked Him to bless us with similar fruit.  We entered the country of the Philippines with a desire to plant at least 50 churches through our ministry.  It has been far surpassed several times over.

What God does is amazing.  What we do is the question.  It has been our extreme joy to be and do whatever pleased Him.  In that time, we were also used of God, for 14 years, to be involved in the origin, building and operation of the Highlands Camp in the Philippines.  God used our desire for a camp for our churches, to make it happen.

We were used to build and adminster this camp that was funded by the Rawlings foundation

Highlands Camp

2012 Family campers from churches out of our ministry

2012 Family campers from churches out of our ministry

We have also developed and have been able to lead a Bible School that feeds our ministry of church planting.  Currently, we have 6 campuses in Central Luzon with those pastors and pastors wives that have been trained in our ministry, as the teachers.  Currently we have more than 135 students and more than 50 teachers.

Old School  Buildings

Old School Buildings

New Buildings as of 2010

New Buildings as of 2010

From this Bible School, we have been averaging planting about 5 new mission churches a year.  We are talking about independent, self-supporting churches.We are excited to see how these churches are growing over the years.  You see here an example of that growth.

Our Second Church

Our Second Church

Second Church

Second Church

That does not include the ministries that are in places of low incomes and must be helped on an ongoing basis.  Nor does it include the multiplied numbers of ministries that we call out-reaches that have no property of their own.  Meeting in living rooms and garages.


New Mission

New Mission


New Mission

New Mission

New Mission

New Mission

Maybe you, like me, would wonder, “why me God. How can you use me?”  That is a legitimate question for anyone to ask. However, it isn’t what we are on our own.  It comes down to the fact that we are willing to be used as a conduit of Gods’ power.  There is nothing more exciting to be involved in and more rewarding than to see the harvest after 30 years of planting.

Whatever God might ask of you to turn loose, it is certainly small in comparison to what He will do with you and for you.  The continual, miraculous supply of all that is necessary, is simply amazing and thrilling to be involved in.

We have included a few pictures that should give an idea of what God has done in our ministry.  Even though there are many trials, even hardships along the way, when we consider the results, we can better understand the statement of the song, “It Will Be Worth It All, When We See Christ.”  There is nothing that could convince me that there is any better life.  Nothing could make life more worthwhile than to be used of God.  Especially in a place where no one wants to go. To a place that the people will have undying appreciation and love for you because you brought them the good news of Christ and His Blood.

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BBS Students 2011

As I type this update I am in the process of interviewing our students for this new school year.  New shelves and more books have been added to the library, new computer tables have been built, cleaning has been done.  Just a couple of things to take care of yet.

One of those is a new refrigerator for the kitchen for the dorm students. It seems that the old one died last school year and no one told me. Althoughi It is just a small 3 cu. ft., it is necessary for foods to be kept cold.  So, here we are, classes next week and no ref.  Also, no money to buy a new one. So, we are trying to do what we can to get one used or repaired.

I love the school year because it brings pastors together on a weekly basis so that we can fellowship.  Friends who are close and work together for the common purpose of training young men for church planting, as well as encouragement in their own ministries.

We did organize another church this past month and ordained two young preachers.  We are anticipating great things for the Lord in those young men.

Prayer request.  Gloria and I will be traveling a lot this school yea going to 5 campuses outside of Manila.. Driving from one campus to another.  We would appreciate prayer for safe travel in God’s will.


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We have been so  busy this past month.  One of the pleasures of our ministry is the progress of the men, their families and their ministries.  Also, It is not unusual for us to be invited as the speaker of their  special occasions.  With so many churches, we do stay busy with anniversaries, weddings and other special occasions that happen.

We are opening a new campus this year.  That makes six now and means a lot of travel going to teach in each  Right now, we are spending most of our time getting ready for the opening of classes this year.   But it is our blessing to see young people who have surrendered their lives to serve God.  We enjoy being involved in their training and development

Our newest mission is underway this month and they have had more than 20 people attending those early services.  Much work will be done but I know that Larry has the commitment to build a work in that place.

One last thing. As I am typing, money is being spent and used to put on a new roof before rainy season starts.  We want to try to end the multiple water leaks . We are a little short of finances and would appreciate any help to get this paid for.

Dennis Ebert

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As a report, we did have a great and very fruitful Family Camp, although it was down in numbers.  The Highlands Camp raised their rates about 40% above last year and it hit many people too hard. So, instead of the 850 we planned for, we had around 650 with a much smaller number of children.  Hopefully by next year, the cost will have been accepted or we can perhaps find another venue that will be usable.

We alsohad our Bible School graduation and  presented certificates of completion, diplomas and degrees to 88 students.  It was a blessing to see the young people who have accomplished their goals of completion, walking across that stage into another step in their journey toward serving the Lord.

To most children, summer is what they long for all school year.  Summertime is the time of play and “freedom”.  Freedom from the daily grind of study and boring classes.  However, for the adults, although summertime may mean vacations or the lake or golf or some other recreation that winter will hinder, it is still work time. Work never stops.

That is the same with us.  March begins our summertime.  For us, summertime is getting ready for the next school year, more  travel and many things to get done while we have the freedom from class schedules.  Although graduation is past and the Family camp is finished, nothing stops. it keeps on and on.  That is good because there is always something more to do that  can bring people to the understanding that we are alive and have salvation for the purpose of Glorifying Him.