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The end of the Bible College school year ends this month. Our six campuses are in final preparations for the end of classes and finals. Our graduation will be in April during the family camp. This year is a little lower than normal with about 90 students this year.
We have had a wonderful year and expect 19 students to receive their Bachelor degree this graduation. The result of 4 years full of work and development, both in knowledge and character development. We expect to see many new churches come out of this group of graduates. The past year. 6 new missions have been planted. At the current time, we have seen 12 new missions planted in the last 5 years. It is our joy and honor to be part of this kind of church planting ministry.

Another event that was a highlight this month, for two reasons.  First, it was the wedding of one of Pastor Kids.   Kezia is actually the daughter of Pastor Melchor Boniog.  He and His wife are both out of our ministry.  God has allowed us to work with them for more than 25 years.   He pastors  a very active and growing work that is the location of one of the campuses of Bible Baptist Seminary of the Philippines, Inc.   It has been a true blessing to know and work with this family.

The second reason this was a highlight occasion, Kezia married a young man who actually joined the US Marines two years ago. It was a joy to be in the wedding for a fellow marine.  The wonderful news is that Kevin has plans to return to the Philippines at the end of his enlistment, attend our Bible School and plant a mission in the future.  Kevin is the brother of a young man, Raymond, also from our ministry who has started one of those new works that is about 4 years old.

Because it has been 46 years since I was active in the Marines, and spent some of that military time in the Philippines,  Kevin me this bumper sticker. The old adage, “once a Marine, always a marine”   HUUUAHH

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Ok, it is a new year, but the ministry is the same. Here in the Philippines, there are holidays and holidays and holidays. I believe that this country has more holidays than any other country in the world. Even so, we were very active in the churches during the holidays. Since I am not pastoring a church at the present time, it allows me to be involved with a multitude of ministries.

The past month was very busy although no classes. I was able to preach in several churches. For me, a highlight was being one of the main speakers in a church retreat, with all of their mission pastors and church members. It was an amazing three days.

We did enjoy a few days break from our normal routine. However, we also missed the fellowship at each campus and interaction with the students. We are anticipating a great year and much fruit in the ministry.

If you can think about it from time to time, take us to the throne of God and hold us up before him. We always need and appreciate those who will continue to pray for this ministry.

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Sorry for the gap in our reporting in our blog this past 5 months.  It was so busy that we were not able to keep up with what should have been posted.  I truly became negligent in doing it.   In May we left for the USA to be in several mission conferences.  We planned to take the opportunty to spend time with our family.  The events that followed were totally unexpeected to us, but in the plans of God for us.

After being with our family and then churches missions conferences in May and June we left for New York to make a trip that would go through New York,; Virginia, Florida, Lousiana and end up in Arizona, spending time with family in each place.  There was also time planned in there to be with family that we had not seen for many years, in the Kansas City area.

However, when we were in the New York part of the trip, we received a call from my brother.  The news was that my mother had days, not weeks, to live.  Cancer had taken its toll and was fast moving to end her life.  Needless to say, we immediately left for Arizona followed by 4 of our sons and some grandkids with them.  It was our last chance to spend time with her.  For four days, we were able to talk, joke, remenice and just enjoy time with her.  Ultimately everyone but my siblings had to return home and their work.  As predicted by the doctors, in 3 days she surrendered to the cancer and went home with the Lord.  She was so excited to go.  We thanked God for the opportunity that we had to be with Mom during those last days.

The rest of our time in the States was spent traveling and visiting with churches and reporting the latest information concerning the ministry that God has given us in the Philippines. WE are so grateful to those churches that have remained faithful make it possible for us to continue to do what we feel that God has placed us in.  It is all by His power and we praise him for it.

It is our intention to do our best to maintain a monthy report in this blog, so stary tuned, as they say.  We intend to have much to say in the coming months.  Currently, we have two prayer requests.  One is about a sale of property, that God will have his will in it.  Secondly and more immediate, we need to buy a vehicle.  We are having a problem finding exactly what we need and trust God to make it move on that.  So, we will trust you to pray with us about those things.

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The blessings of God are always wonderful to experience. The Family Camp 2016 was another example of Gods people coming together to see great things happen. There were about 55 churches represented in our camp this year, which is an increase of more than 15 churches from 2015. Preaching was amazing, teaching was well prepared and presented in a very understandable way. The result was seen at the alter. More than 25 surrendered to the ministry, 30+ accepted Christ and many families made commitments to their churches to be more faithful in working in their churches. In addition to all those results, it was a marvelous time of fellowship for all.

Not to be forgotten was the graduation of the Baptist Bible Seminary of the Philippines which presented 14 Bachelor Degrees and 20 3rd year diplomas.

Following are pictures that give visual of the events of the week.


20160325_21215120160325_215029_001IMG_7845 (2)



IMG_7599 (2)





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We were so blessed by the preaching and teaching of Dr. Jack Alumbaugh,pastor of 1st Baptist Church of Meadowview in Mesquite, TX, He was joined by many pastors and wives in teaching. The preaching by our local pastas was amazing.

family camp

Easter is a very special time of the year. Of course the resurrection of Christ is the greatest event to remember. For us, there are two more. The week before Easter Sunday is this schedule for our family camp, During the camp,we have the graduation of Bible Baptist Seminary.

The 2016 Family camp had 56 churches represented and around 800 campers. Last year we were literally overcome by flies. I mean it was Biblical scale. Chicken farms were built around the camp site. However, much has been done to close them. So, the flies were not much of a problem, We praise God for that,

BBS Graduation

One night of the camp is dedicated to graduation. This year were 14 fourth year graduates who received their bachelor of Science in Pastoral Theology. We also grant a third year diploma. This year 21 diplomas were granted.

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Life is not easy on many levels. We have all experienced the difficulties that come along. However, we never expect that one of our children will go to be with the Lord before us. This past week, it was given to me to preach a message for the funeral of one of our graduates. Christian was the son of a pastor that we have worked with for many years. Sad to say, Christian suddenly had a heart attack at 40 years old. When I received the call one evening, I was shocked beyond words.

Gloria and I attended the services of their church the Sunday following the burial. I was thrilled to hear the message of a broken hearted parent. It would be easy for a those parents to become angry and question God. Why would he allow this, after 20 years of service to Him. However, what was preached was a message of inspiration, trust and faithfulness to our heavenly father. I would ask you to pray for the Aguinaldo family. The parents are carrying a heavy load and siblings are sad. Even though we children of God have the promise of eternity together, no one wants to lose the presence of their family in this life.

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Yes. it’s rainy season once again. That means landslide, floods, delays in trips and, worst of all, typhoons. Since rainy season happens every year, you would think we could get used to it. Maybe you could ask the people who live in Oklahoma if they get used to tornados. I don’t think we can ever get used to what this weather does.

First thing every year we go in the ceilings and find the leaks in the roof. We have realized the truth in the expression, “water will find a way”. It seems that no matter what we do, there are plenty of leaks. Living with water and rain is permanent

One of my pleasures is going to a church in the province (any place outside major cities) and participate in services of men that are a product of our ministry. I love it for a couple reasons. First, we are able to witness the results of our efforts in training and mentoring. Secondly, we witness how those men and their wives have been faithful in their commitment to the call of God to their place. It certainly would be easy for them to complain or become discouraged. Instead they stay in their place and do the work that God gave them.

This past month we were in two of those ministries. Even in those places that could be called difficult, we are excited that God’s word is being preached. Because of your faithful support, those ministries exist. Thank you for being involved.

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IMG_7599 (2)This past week was the completion of our annual Family Camp, with the theme of             TOTAL COMMITMENT – GOD, FAMILY AND SERVICE

There was an attendance of more than 850 this year, from 40 churches from all over Central Luzon.



During the camp, IMG_8342 (2)there were many who were present as visitors.  Those are given special sessions to give them the information to accept Christ as their saviour.








During the course of the camp, we include daily sessions for growth

and also include great preaching.






One night of the camp is always dedicated to the graduation of the Bible Baptist Seminary of the Philippines. This year is no exception.

IMG_7662 (2)The student body chose the theme of


Choosing to serve God is everything in life.







This year, we had 23 Bachelor of Science graduates.  We are looking forward to seeing many new churches as a result.  IMG_7843 (2)













During the graduation it was my privilege to deliver a challenge to the people who were in attendance.  Pictured here are also those who work togetrher with us as professors and teachers in the 6 campuses in Central Luzon

IMG_7942 (2)


IMG_7930 (2)









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Last year, as you surely heard, there was a major hurrican (called typhoon in Asia) that totally devastated the entire island of Samar and Layte, along with many other areas. Following the store, we went there to be of help and see the results. It was beyond discription. In my estimation, it was like a catagory 5 tornado that covered an area 50-60 miles wide and hundreds of miles long. Actually, it set a record for wind speed in world history.

Last November, Pastors Tom Raquirag and Deo Pagadroa contacted me and asked me to make plans to return to Samar and be a part of the dedication service of the buildings that they were able to rebuild. God is good and through his children that helped with the need, there were new buildings erected in both places.

As a matter of fact, it was the worst trip I have a been on in the Philippines. Along with continual rain that was going on while we were there, the roads are still being renovated from storm damage. The hours it took to get anywhere, including the continual abuse to our vehicles, I doubt I will ever drive there again. There must be a complete renovation of the highways there before I would do it. Because of 5 landslides and flooding, we spent more than half of our time there, driving on a very small island.


Two pictures of the multistage structure of the Faithway Bible Baptist Church located in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, Pastored by Bro. Tom Raquirag.


The following are pictures from Bible Baptist Church, Maydulong, Eastern Samar pastored by Bro. Deo. Pagadora


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We appreciate what God is doing with our ministry here. However, we want to emphasize the one who came to provide salvation and allow us to be reconciled with the Heavenly Father.

This coming week, we will be using our beautiful pick-up that God has provided for a long trip.  We will be traveling 24 hours one way, to the area that was so completely devastated by the typhoon (hurricane) last year. Two of those churches that lost their buildings have been able to rebuild.  I will be there to take part and preach during the dedication of the new structures they have been able to build.

We will have pictures and much more about the trip in January. Please pray for the trip.