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Life is not easy on many levels. We have all experienced the difficulties that come along. However, we never expect that one of our children will go to be with the Lord before us. This past week, it was given to me to preach a message for the funeral of one of our graduates. Christian was the son of a pastor that we have worked with for many years. Sad to say, Christian suddenly had a heart attack at 40 years old. When I received the call one evening, I was shocked beyond words.

Gloria and I attended the services of their church the Sunday following the burial. I was thrilled to hear the message of a broken hearted parent. It would be easy for a those parents to become angry and question God. Why would he allow this, after 20 years of service to Him. However, what was preached was a message of inspiration, trust and faithfulness to our heavenly father. I would ask you to pray for the Aguinaldo family. The parents are carrying a heavy load and siblings are sad. Even though we children of God have the promise of eternity together, no one wants to lose the presence of their family in this life.

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Yes. it’s rainy season once again. That means landslide, floods, delays in trips and, worst of all, typhoons. Since rainy season happens every year, you would think we could get used to it. Maybe you could ask the people who live in Oklahoma if they get used to tornados. I don’t think we can ever get used to what this weather does.

First thing every year we go in the ceilings and find the leaks in the roof. We have realized the truth in the expression, “water will find a way”. It seems that no matter what we do, there are plenty of leaks. Living with water and rain is permanent

One of my pleasures is going to a church in the province (any place outside major cities) and participate in services of men that are a product of our ministry. I love it for a couple reasons. First, we are able to witness the results of our efforts in training and mentoring. Secondly, we witness how those men and their wives have been faithful in their commitment to the call of God to their place. It certainly would be easy for them to complain or become discouraged. Instead they stay in their place and do the work that God gave them.

This past month we were in two of those ministries. Even in those places that could be called difficult, we are excited that God’s word is being preached. Because of your faithful support, those ministries exist. Thank you for being involved.

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IMG_7599 (2)This past week was the completion of our annual Family Camp, with the theme of             TOTAL COMMITMENT – GOD, FAMILY AND SERVICE

There was an attendance of more than 850 this year, from 40 churches from all over Central Luzon.



During the camp, IMG_8342 (2)there were many who were present as visitors.  Those are given special sessions to give them the information to accept Christ as their saviour.








During the course of the camp, we include daily sessions for growth

and also include great preaching.






One night of the camp is always dedicated to the graduation of the Bible Baptist Seminary of the Philippines. This year is no exception.

IMG_7662 (2)The student body chose the theme of


Choosing to serve God is everything in life.







This year, we had 23 Bachelor of Science graduates.  We are looking forward to seeing many new churches as a result.  IMG_7843 (2)













During the graduation it was my privilege to deliver a challenge to the people who were in attendance.  Pictured here are also those who work togetrher with us as professors and teachers in the 6 campuses in Central Luzon

IMG_7942 (2)


IMG_7930 (2)









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Last year, as you surely heard, there was a major hurrican (called typhoon in Asia) that totally devastated the entire island of Samar and Layte, along with many other areas. Following the store, we went there to be of help and see the results. It was beyond discription. In my estimation, it was like a catagory 5 tornado that covered an area 50-60 miles wide and hundreds of miles long. Actually, it set a record for wind speed in world history.

Last November, Pastors Tom Raquirag and Deo Pagadroa contacted me and asked me to make plans to return to Samar and be a part of the dedication service of the buildings that they were able to rebuild. God is good and through his children that helped with the need, there were new buildings erected in both places.

As a matter of fact, it was the worst trip I have a been on in the Philippines. Along with continual rain that was going on while we were there, the roads are still being renovated from storm damage. The hours it took to get anywhere, including the continual abuse to our vehicles, I doubt I will ever drive there again. There must be a complete renovation of the highways there before I would do it. Because of 5 landslides and flooding, we spent more than half of our time there, driving on a very small island.


Two pictures of the multistage structure of the Faithway Bible Baptist Church located in Guiuan, Eastern Samar, Pastored by Bro. Tom Raquirag.


The following are pictures from Bible Baptist Church, Maydulong, Eastern Samar pastored by Bro. Deo. Pagadora


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We appreciate what God is doing with our ministry here. However, we want to emphasize the one who came to provide salvation and allow us to be reconciled with the Heavenly Father.

This coming week, we will be using our beautiful pick-up that God has provided for a long trip.  We will be traveling 24 hours one way, to the area that was so completely devastated by the typhoon (hurricane) last year. Two of those churches that lost their buildings have been able to rebuild.  I will be there to take part and preach during the dedication of the new structures they have been able to build.

We will have pictures and much more about the trip in January. Please pray for the trip.

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We have not been able to make our updates on time, simply because of many ongoing activites that have occupied our time.  Just before boarding the plane to return to the Philippines on the first week of September,  we were able to visit, one more time with my father in Kansas City.  We look forward to the time we can see him again.

It was so comfortable to be back in our own place in the Philippines. It took about two weeks to get back into our ministry routine.  At the present we are in semester break of our Bible School.  We hope that we can get all the campuses finished in developing and organizing the schedules for the coming semester.  At the same time, there is a great amount of effort happening to make the upcoming wedding anniversary occassion happen.

Another amazing activitiy is in preperation.  The pastor friends here, have determined to give my wife and me, a wedding renewal of our vows to each other.  About 150 people are being planned for.  We are so excited for this to happen.  Andy, our youngest son will be the officiating minister.  Our son Paul, Pastor of Oak Lake Baptist Church in Houston, is also making plans to be in the Philippines and attend the wedding.

We have also had a great blessing from the Lord.  We sold our F150 a few years ago and have truly missed a pickup since that time.  Well, this past month, God opened the door for us to get a local made  Ford Ranger pickup.



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We have truly enjoyed being with our families this past few weeks. Traveling about 5,000 miles already, we will probably add much more.  The 18th all our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren are planning to arrive in Houston and we will spend two days together, celebrating the beginning of this wonderful group of people that we are so proud of.

One of the reasons for the miles, was traveling to Indianapolis, In. to be in the wedding our second grandson, Max.  He was married with a very lovely, sweet and godly young lady who has expressed her love for the Lord and Max, her husband.  We are looking forward to getting to know her much better. WP_20140705_011

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We arrived in the Kansas City airport and was greeted by a wonderful group of people operating the service for missionaried called Baptist Missionary Transportion Ministry.  They we gracious and supplied us with a car for the few months that we are in the country.  They also supplied a place for us to spend the night in their church. Wonderful people.


Then it was the next day and we immediately went to my fathers house.  At 92, he is doing very well.  Although he has some maintanance medication to monitor his heart, he is doing well.  Just before we arrived, he had spent a few days in a very precarious time in the hospital. However, they were able to treat him and he was already home by the time we arrived. It was a blessing to see him again.  Of course, he isn’t the robust, hardworking man that I grew up under, but he is still the man in love with the Lord.  I appreciate his commitment to the Lord and His service


Our next stop was with our you youngest son and their family.  While we were there, Gloria and I had the time to get over JetLag.  The kids are growing so much and we enjoyed their sweet personalaties.  We did attend some of the services of our AlmaMater for the graduation services.  Nice to see some OLD friends.  Heavy on the old.

Another highlite with Andy was the time on the golf course.  It would really be great if I could keep up but he was gracious.  It is our plan to spend another few days with them before we fly back in September.


Then it was on to see Aaron, our 3rd son. I don’t know how to describe our time in Florida for that week. So good.  Aaron has purchased and rides a beautiful Honda 1300cc motorcycle and he has a friend who was so kind to loan his big cycle to me.  Soooo,  Aaron and I were able to do some riding a couple of times.  Put a couple hundred miles on them.   For me, that was the hightlite of all the time till now. I do miss my motorcycle.

We can’t forget the special reason for our going to their place.  Tyler,  their oldest son and one of our elder grandchildren, finished his requirments to graduate from High School and received his diploma from Pensacola Christian Academy of Pensacola, Florida.


While in Florida to see our son and his family that week, we made sure we had time to see Gloria’s brother Tom who lives in a near city. He had a major accident a couple of years ago, on a SkiDoo and he was considerably damaged.  However, his recuperation is impressive and we spent 3 days with them.  The family arranged for all of Gloria’s brothers and sisters to be at Tom’s house and we saw the growth the neices and nephews.

During the same weekend, we spent the Sunday services in a supporting church in the town there and became aquainted with a wonderful pastor who had assumed the ministry since our last visit.  He is doing a very admirable job with the leadership there.

The time with the Aaron and Toni continued for another week as we traveled to a resort in North Texas and shared their vacation time.  The kids gave up their room for us.  Wow, what a blessing it was.  A beautiful place.  The weather was perfect with a little rain, lots of cloud cover and just the right temperature, about 75 degrees.  Of course, we had to have another round of golf.

We will continue the trip in our update of this blog next month.  We are expecting to have an ongoing amazing time with our family, including my mom and other sons in the coming weeks.

Dennis and Gloria

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This is our 50th wedding anniversary year.  With that happening, our sons have organized a family reunion in Houston Texas and spend a few days together.   It is our hope that most of the grandkids and their families can also be there.  We have greatgrandkids that we haven’t seen yet.  They are getting older and growing up without us.  SAD.  But, that is the loss of being in another country.  The fact is, we are always glad that God has given us the chance to serve Him in the Philippines, but we do miss our family.  They are all an amazing people.

Then, in September, we plan to return to the Philippines and the pastors here have determined to give my wife a wedding that she never had.  We were married, like so many other have done, with our family in a very small wedding in street clothes, with no bling.  So, our friends here have decided that Gloria deserves a beautiful, full blown, with much bling, wedding.  She is excited about that.

So, April 29 we fly to KC,  MO to  spend a time with my 92 yr. old father there. Then spend a time with my brother, also in Kansas. We havent seen either one for several years.  My Father is not in good health and is praying for God to take him home.  I can’t say I blame him.  Then, we will spend time on the highway between the 3 grandsons who will graduate and the churches that we will report to.  It will be many miles and travel from New York to Arizona.

Please pray for our safety in travel.

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This past month was another of the exciting times of our ministry.  It was the organization of the Graceland Bible Baptist Church of Floridablanca, Pampanga.  This ministry had been started and developed by Efren Banal.  A man who is not so young. He is pictured below with his pastor, Orlan Maniego and also signing the charter.  After spending much of his life working in the refrigeration repair, he gave his life to the Lord and attended Bible School.  After completion, Bro. Banal wanted to go to Taiwan as a missionary but because our degree wasn’t accepted by their government, he felt directed to starting a new mission.

Dennis EbertScripture Bible Baptist Church of Dinalupihan, Bataan, pastored by Orlan Maniego,  was the mother church of this young work.  Pastor Maniego, Dr. Ed Boniog and I were the speakers  during the organization service.  We enjoy the gratification that comes from the continued growth of the ministry that God has given us.

It was a gratifying sight to watch the group as they signed the charter of commitment of this new church.

Another New Church